Et al. is an abbreviation for the Latin phrase et alia meaning “and others.” Often following a featured representative of a body of research, et al can be seen as a symbol for marginalized or generalized groups.

Et al. is a media company and lifestyle brand dedicated to telling the stories of underrepresented communities. In the spirit of inclusion, we spotlight diverse voices and unsung heroes of business, art, culture and politics.

Founded by Tina Mulqueen, Et al. is part of an initiative by the 501c3 Cause Influence, which uses broadcasting tools and resources to spread information about worthy social causes. Mulqueen is also the founder and CEO of Kindred PR, a full service marketing and public relations firm devoted to representing socially responsible brands and individuals, and a notable writer and speaker on marketing for social good.

“We believe that everyone should see themselves represented in our cultural narrative and we hope that Et al. will play a part, however small, in fostering an environment reflecting a full range of perspectives, stories, and voices.”